As for the stones in my pathway? I keep them all and one day I will build a castle…


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Limestone is a sedimentary stone, its colours varying from white to black, sometimes light grey or dark grey. But it also comes in red, yellow, blue or green shades, depending on the type and quantity of impurities they contain.
In Portugal, limestones are predominantly beige and grey.
They are much used in civil construction due to their soft and uniform colours, allowing for easy application. 

As a natural stone, marble comes in a wide range of colours and is much used in artworks, pavements and cladding, transforming sites into magnificent and sophisticated environments. It is a metamorphous stone originated from the limestone exposed to high temperatures and pressures.

Granite is a natural stone often used in civil construction, in pavements and other claddings, to support great mechanical efforts. It is a stone of igneous formation of medium fine or coarse grain, essentially composed by quartz and feldspars with visible pigmentation. 

Slate is a silico-clayey stone derived from the transformation of clay at high pressure and temperatures, hardened in thin layers that enable the slaty cleavage.
Quartzite is a metamorphous stone whose main component is quartz and can present foliation due to the presence of micas.
Both are ornamental stones of a wide variety of stones used in different finishings: rustic, naturally split, polished or honed.
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